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Super Glow Facial

Super Glow Facial

From: 2,500 ฿
Using Hypoallergenic Facial Product by LA-ROCHE POSAY (Recommended by over 25,000 Dermatologist Worldwide. Sensitive Skin Specialist). This super facial includes all the essentials (cleansing, exfoliation, mask, and super moisturizing) that will make your face glow like never before, with our special All Natural Thai Herbs, Kamin mixed with Yogurt and Honey. Yummy Face that will smell like Heaven too! Must-Try!
Minutes: 45
Price: 2,500
Super Glow Facial Upgrade

Super Glow Facial Upgrade! (Our Bestseller!)

From: 2,800 ฿
Essentially the same with Super Glow Facial but therapist will concentrate on your neck area too. Glowing Face and Glowing neck will get you ready for that bare-shoulders dress!
Minutes: 60
Price: 2,800